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1 February, 2001, NEW MEDIA AGE "A study released by Shelley Taylor & Associates highlighted the potential inappropriateness of web designers leaping into iTV design..."

21 January 2001, SUNDAY BUSINESS "Viewers' interactive turn-off - Britains' interactive television services are confusing, poorly designed and risk turning off viewers..." according to Stay Tuned, a study by Shelley Taylor and Associates...

25 October 2000, WALL STREET JOURNAL Referring to Full Disclosure 2000, Shelley Taylor "explains some of what's behind that ignorance: Compared with old economy companies, the new boys on the block don't tell investors diddly."

15 September 2000 
FINANSTIDNINGEN (Sweden) "Den nya ekonomins bolag riskerar att sta utan nya investerare om de inte forbattrar sin informations - givning till marknaden."

17 July 2000  WALL STREET JOURNAL "Clicks and Mortar" describes Shelley Taylor &  Associates' recent study of 100 e-commerce sites which "found that the dot-coms provided better service, delivery and returns than traditional companies."

30 May 2000,
THE IRISH TIMES  "Customers driven away by bad websites - report" describes findings from Click-Here-Commerce report which argues that "rather than focusing on customers and a convenient sales process, websites are loaded down with trendy technology ..." that can "degrade the the shopping experience."

11 July 2000,
BUSINESS 2.0 "The Lost Element," includes an excerpt from Return to Sender, an "exclusive industry-wide survey [that] confirms your darkest suspicions about on-line customer service: it still sucks." This 5-page article includes a colorful table detailing the survey's findings so that readers can discover how well their favorite sites stack up against the competition

22 May, 2000 THE TIMES "UK Web Sites a Turn-off for Virtual Shoppers," warns "Britain's reputation as a nation of shopkeepers is under threat because… their virtual stores on the internet are proving a turn-off" for consumers. The experiences with on-line shopping detailed in Click Here Commerce 2000, published by Shelley Taylor & Associates and previewed in London, shows why "more than three quarters of on-line shoppers were abandoning their 'shopping carts' without completing their transactions."

11 May, 2000 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH "UK E-tailers Flop in Survey of Service," describes Return to Sender, published by Shelley Taylor & Associates, as "a damning report on UK e-tailers," one that, "confirms the great British tradition of service with a snarl is alive and well on the web."

2 May, 2000 THE TIMES "Report Blasts On-line Service from Boots and Argos," identifies the frustration familiar to on-line shoppers as it presents the evidence revealed in what the Times refers to as "a hard hitting report" called Return to Sender, published recently by Shelley Taylor & Associates.

2 May, 2000 ZDNET "Report"E-tailers: Make Your Customers Happy," makes the lack of customer satisfaction on-line crystal clear. "In case you had a doubt, a new study says that e-commerce companies aren't up to par when it comes to handling on-line transactions," ZDNet says of Shelley Taylor & Associates' Return to Sender.

7 April 2000 BBC1 TV, BUSINESS BREAKFAST Shelley Taylor launches new research on e-commerce order fulfillment, Return to Sender, in a five minute interview!

2 April 2000 SUNDAY BUSINESS "Retailers' Web Sites are 'Hopeless.'" In fact, a preview from the Shelley Taylor & Associates study Return to Sender advises "Britain's retailers [to] scrap their existing internet sites and start again," after many of the 30 UK web sites tested were found wanting in customer service and reliability.