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15-21 May, 2004, The Economist In the magazine's "E-commerce takes off, A 14 page special report" highlights the rankings in Shelley Taylor & Associates Click-Here Commerce: Online Travel; top performing online travel firms.

9 May, 2004, The Sunday Times In this article highlighting the findings of Click-Here Commerce: Online Travel, "E-Travel? Hold on tight," the journalist argues that "booking a trip online can resemble a rollercoaster ride an exciting but fraught white-knuckle journey into the unknown." The study, "damns Britain's online travel services not only as woefully inadequate, but as some of the worst in the world."

4 April, 2004, The New York Sunday Times "...[travel site] could still do a much better job, according to a report by the market research firm Shelley Taylor & Associates." [Click-Here Commerce: Online Travel's] rankings prompted a sharp defense from Southwest."

13 February, 2004, International Herald Tribune "Road warriors are suckers for technology. And it often seems that people who run travel sties are following WC Field's infamous dictum, "Never give a sucker an even break,' quotes Roger Collis leading into his article on Click Here Commerce: Online Travel. He continues, "I was intrigued to come across [the study] ... where sites were analyzed from October to December, 2003, and rated according to some 800 criteria..."

29 January, 2004, Wall Street Journal Referring to Click-Here Commerce: Online Travel, the article's author quotes Shelley Taylor as saying: "All online travel sites are guilty of failing to deliver satisfying travel experiences."  "Ms. Taylor calls the report an 'indictment' of the online-travel industry. Ultimately, she predicts, there will be a shakeout among travel Web sites much like the dot-com crashes of a few years ago."

29 January, 2004, The Guardian focusses on the UK travel industry when reviewing Click-Here Commerce: Online Travel; "Frequent travellers who regularly book online will probably not be surprised to find that the worst of the worst sites are British: the bottom five places in the survey."

June, 2003, CFO EUROPE Referring to Full Disclosure 2002, "'Corporate executives are failing to lead companies into the future,' says Taylor. 'Most annual reports actually say very little about how they plan to get from point A to point B, or give other information required to gauge future performance.'"

6 February, 2003, FINANCIAL TIMES Full Disclosure 2002 "accuses some companies of shirking their responsibilities to investors by issuing low quality annual reports...'What hope is there of turning around performance if, in the vain hope of escaping closer scrutiny and criticism by investors, corporate executives avoid their reporting responsibilities?' Ms Taylor asked..."

5 February, 2003, WALL STREET JOURNAL Referring to Full Disclosure 2002, "Firms get stingier with Information: Study faults companies for scanty disclosure about 'bad